This document is intended to answer most of our frequently asked questions. The answers in this document apply to all rounds. If you have further questions contact us via our contact form.

 Who runs Radiant Fabric Designs?

Radiant Fabric Designs Owner: Stephanie Lutostanski

Where do I go to place an order?


Please create a shopify account before making a purchase, this allows you to go back and check the status of previous purchases. In the event there are multiple pre-orders available within the same general time frame, we do not guarantee that those orders will be combined into one shipment.

Turnaround Time

Currently our turnaround time is AT LEAST 12 weeks (though we typically receive fabric within 8-10 weeks). This is NOT a guaranteed timeframe. Purchases made from Radiant Fabric Designs as PREORDERS are not on hand as inventory. They will be sent to a printer AFTER the round closes. Updates will be made on the Radiant Fabric Designs Facebook Group. By placing a pre-order you are agreeing to purchase an item that is not on hand and ready to ship. You understand
that there is a waiting period that is sometimes out of our control and you have agreed to this wait by completing your purchase. Refunds will NOT be issued simply because the wait is too long.

What type of fabric do you print on?

  • Cotton Lycra (240gsm)  95/5 Cotton/Lycra ($22)
  • Cotton woven (150gsm) 100 Cotton ($20)
  • French terry (250gsm)  95/5 Cotton/Lycra ($23)
  • Bamboo Lycra (240gsm) 95/5 Bamboo/Spandex ($23)
  • Minky (240gsm) 100 Polyester ($20)
  • Double sided minky (380gsm) 92/8 Poly/spandex ($23)
  • Swim (240gsm) 85/15 poly/spandex ($20)
  • Double Brushed Poly (240gsm) 92/8 poly/spandex ($20)
  • Cotton canvas (280gsm) 100 cotton ($22)
  • Athletic knit (280gsm) 85/15 poly/spandex ($20)
  • bullet (240-250gsm) 95/5 poly/spandex ($20)
  • PUL 100 poly ($20)


The width of fabric is 57"- 59", however the actual print is approximate on the width, sometimes the print is printed from end to end on the entire width, sometimes they are printed in the middle leaving anywhere from 1/2"-1" of "white space", these edges are the "selvage".

Panels are sold individually and measure as follows:

Each individual adult panel measures 30Wx36H

Each individual child panel measures 18Wx21H

ALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE DEPENDING ON THE PRINT AREA. Anything extra is a bonus, anything else should fit within the WOF measurement.

Are the rounds capped/limited?

Currently, Radiant Fabric Designs pre-orders are not capped, any and all orders will be accepted throughout the duration of the round. At times, Radiant Fabrics will run "capped" or "limited" prints, a smaller order can result in a faster turnaround time but is not guaranteed.

I ordered during X round pre-order. When can I expect to receive my order?

All pre-orders will have a round album posted in the photo section of the main group and will be assigned a tag. Any updates and/or information regarding a specific round will be made to that photo album, be sure to turn on notifications (or comment) to follow for updates. Information regarding printing, fabric arrival, processing, shipping, and retail will all be posted.

How much do Radiant Fabric Designs fabrics cost?

Fabric Base



Preorder $

Retail $

Cotton Lycra

95/5 Cotton/Lycra




Cotton Woven

100% Cotton





100” Polyester




Double Brush Poly





French Terry

95/5 Cotton/Lycra





86/14 Poly/Spandex
















Pre-order Adult size panel - $14

Retail Adult size panel set (2 to a yard) - $16

Pre-order Child panel - $8

Retail child panel - $10

How much is shipping?

Currently shipping is calculated at the time of purchase based upon the amount purchased. If, when your order is cut and filled, shipping calculates to be less, you will be refunded the excess shipping costs.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Stay tuned for more information on our tiered pricing system!

Is yardage a continuous cut?

Continuous yardage can only be guaranteed upon request. If you require continuous yardage reach out to our team and we will accommodate you if possible!

Do you ever rerun past prints?

Yes. We strive to continue to bring fresh new designs to Radiant Fabrics but we also appreciate the fact that there is a lot of love for previously run prints. We will occasionally re-run previous designs when there is a large request for them, this does not mean that every request can always be fulfilled, we still want to keep new designs rolling out as often as possible. Re-runs are not guaranteed to match 100% to previous runs of the same design, coloring and scale can vary slightly from run to run.

How do I find out what I ordered? Where's my receipt? Did my order go through?

All pre-orders will automatically generate an email from Shopify sent directly to you at the email address associated with your Shopify account. You can also log in to your Shopify account on the website and it will show you all your previous orders. To ensure this information is saved, be sure to create an account/login every time you place an order.

I forgot my password; how do I reset it?

Accounts are all set up through Shopify, therefore wee do not personally have access to your account details. Passwords can be rest through the Shopify website by clicking the area under the password field which will prompt a password reset email and you take it from there.

I need to change my address?

Please fill out a contact form for all address changes after purchasing a pre-order.  

Do you ship outside of the USA?

International shipping is offered to most countries.Shipping for international orders will be calculated once your package is ready to ship out to you, at that time a shipping invoice will be emailed to you. By placing an order you are agreeing to pay the additional shipping invoice. Packages awaiting shipment will be held for 15 business days. After said time orders will be offered up as retail, and you will be refunded and removed from the Radiant Fabric Designs group.

Where can I find the tracking number for my purchase?

All tracking information is updated on the correlating order on Shopify, as well as on PayPal.

Can I combine shipments during a pre-order?

Yes. Shipping is calculated when all orders have been packaged and are ready for shipment. This allows for multiple orders made within the same pre-order to ship together. Please leave a note on your order when checking out to combine with previous orders.

Can I combine shipments during retail?

Yes. Shipping is calculated when all orders have been packaged and are ready for shipment. This allows for multiple orders made within the same retail stocking to ship together. Please leave a note on your order when checking out to combine with previous orders.

Do you offer layaway?

At this time we do not offer layaway.

I just joined and missed out on the pre-order and retail stocking, where can I find this fabric?

In the event retail does not sell out, any leftover fabric will be added to the next retail's stocking. As stated above, re-runs are available but not at all times.

We also have a BST group dedicated solely to Radiant Fabric Designs fabric. This fabric is sold by individual buyers and is not sold by Radiant Fabric Designs themselves. While admins do their best to oversee the BST group, purchases made in the BST group are done at your own risk. We highly recommend using PayPal for transactions, so in the event the unfortunate should happen, you are covered with Buyers Protection. We do not recommend sending money friends & family, making payments through Facebook or any other money apps available; this offers you no protection should an unfortunate outcome occur. The BST group can be found here: Radiant Fabric Designs BST Group 

How do I find out what your newest designs are?

To keep up to date on the latest news from Radiant Fabric Designs join our Facebook group here: Radiant Fabric Designs

Do you offer sew-alongs or tutorials?

Not at this time. Check back though, we’d love to start something new!

I received my order but there is an error and/or flaw, who can fix it?

Please refer to our Refund and Flaw Warranty file. There you will find an in depth explanation of how to handle any and all flaws/missing orders.